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2019-02-09 - 6:50 a.m.

I sit here and stare into
outer space.
Hoping for nothing
but a reprieve
from this never ending
pathetic list of little things to do
and without coffee, the list grows.
And without tea, the ascent is impossible.

And all of these little things
if they don't get done
will not change the rotation of the earth
We shall continue to spin counter-clockwise forever
And Cincinnati shall remain in Ohio
for another 3 seconds on the geological time scale

And so...
I did it!
I failed
failed to answer that fucking email

And so...
I did it!
I failed!
Failed to pass the anxiety that springs from egocentric living on!

I have noticed
That there are hella meetings planned
in the land of the free
They schedule things weeks in advance
But, unlike the land,
Time shall not submit
At least not to such paltry demands for such pathetic uses.


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